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Company - Technology

Besides possessing expertise in the latest e-business and web technologies, our technical consultants architect solutions using products from market leaders like Sun, Microsoft and Adobe. We also deploy databases such as Oracle and SQL Server to design and implement solutions that maximize the return on investments.

APP INDIA technical consultants possess in-depth knowledge of various development tools like Borland JBuilder and MS Visual Studio as well as languages such as Java (and its extension technologies), EJB, HTML, XML, JSP, ASP 6.

Our strength lies in our ability to execute turnkey projects using our tried and tested methodologies and established offshore development models.

Key Technology Areas:

APP INDIA employs top of the line specialists who deliver solutions with the highest degree of quality and time management. APP INDIA possesses a wealth of experience in developing client/server and object oriented solutions in a diverse range of environments like Visual Basic, Power Builder etc.

Direction develops client / server applications involving advanced three-tier architectures and adopting popular front-end & back-end tools like COM / DCOM, Active X, CORBA and Java with industry standard RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server etc.

APP INDIA skills in the e-business and Internet domain enable us to engineer, build, implement, enhance, and maintain effective e-business solutions for our customers.

Direction covers the entire spectrum of web based applications including new web-based development applications, web-enabling legacy applications, developing portals, transaction processing services, b2b, b2b2b, b2g, b2c and c2c solutions, e-commerce solutions like supply chain management, auction / barter / classified systems, vendor management services, retail services, dating sites and financial services.

Keeping in mind the expanding market of Mobile Technology worldwide, Direction Software Solutions has expanded its operations in Mobile domain by acquiring Frozen Digit, a young & dynamic Indian company recently.

For Frozen Digit this creates more International opportunities and will enhance Frozen Digit's capacity to handle large scale projects simultaneously.

For APP INDIA, Frozen Digit represents a specialised division dedicated to Mobile platforms at Gaming and Enterprise level. A separate division dedicated to Frozen Digit Mobile Technology has been fully functional starting June 2007.

APP INDIA Specialization is ULC Technology. ULC architecture is based on the presentation server paradigm. Presentation servers run application and presentation logic on the server, but leave management and display of user interface widgets and local handling of input to the client. The presentation part attempts to manage the user interface locally as far as possible in order to minimize server round-trips.

Direction applies its extensive experience and resources to cost-effectively complete each step of the legacy system conversion process, be it a migration from one software environment to another, or a transition to a new hardware platform, or even an overall system architecture redesign. In doing so, we never let the technology distort or over-rule our clients' business needs and objectives.

Each legacy software system has a special technical architecture and is uniquely integrated in its business environment. The process of re-engineering the legacy system with new technologies is far beyond a routine one and requires very special skills and experience. Direction offers a synergy of competence in both modern and legacy IT technologies with the solid understanding of the business change management processes.

APP INDIA provides Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse services to specifically meet your needs across any stage, or for the whole duration of your projects.

With tremendous ease of access to the business insight provided by these solutions, power users can now pinpoint their strategies to explore a whole new range of business possibilities. APP INDIA solutions in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence are based on a holistic approach for quick and precise implementation of such projects.

APP INDIA's innovative and tested approach helps our customers to derive the maximum out of the information wealth of the organization, to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Analysis of information is the most critical for any business. Analyzing information intelligently, you can analyze current trends and predict the future ones. You can align your business strategies to these streams to get an edge above your competitors.

OLAP helps you in just that. It gives you a quick access to vast information available with you, to make your critical decisions in a very short time.

APP INDIA executives have been implementing OLAP services for many of our existing clients. Right from defining the multi dimensional databases to the implementation of the OLAP server, which finally yield results to end users, we have implemented solutions for many of our clients.

Over 60% of critical business applications across the world run on mainframes, these cannot be replaced by powerful midrange systems. Managing these mainframes require specialized skills for support and development. APP INDIA can provide your company with the skills and experience you need, and stay within your budget.

Our engagements range from project-based services, such as an operating system upgrade, to ongoing support of a few hours a month, up to the outsourcing of your entire systems programming activities.

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